Long Game by Teagan Kade

I go long, I go deep, but I never go soft. They call me ‘The Damage’ because I crush it on the field and off. I’m all about the offensive penetration. No one knows the game as well as I do. It doesn’t hurt I’ve got a goal post in my pants. But the moment I see Indiana’s smoky eyes and tight end, I know I’m in trouble. No one has a college record that clean, which means she’s either hiding something or running from something, and I intend to get the bottom of all her dirty little secrets. Even if I have to tease it out of those sweet curves. Even if she’s playing hard to get. Because I can go the distance. Because I always score. Because I’m in this for the long game. Small on sports, big on steam, Long Game is a full-length bad boy romance with a happily ever after and no cheating.