Love’s Song

Love’s Song by Penny Harmon

Caleb Johnson left Sweet Grove at eighteen when his overbearing parents pushed him into a country music career. Leaving friends and his high school sweetheart behind, Caleb became a sensation. But it did not bring him the happiness he wanted. What Caleb really wanted was his own Thoroughbred ranch in Sweet Grove and his old flame. Kassidy Wyman was the girl Caleb left behind and the last ten years haven’t been easy on her. Married and divorced, she’s struggling financially to raise her two young daughters by herself and has deep scars from her bad marriage. When she realizes Caleb’s back in town, she vows that they will be friends only. But Caleb has other ideas. He realizes he’s never gotten over Kassidy and will do anything to get her back. Will Kassidy’s past prevent her from a happy future? Or can Caleb win her forgiveness and make her realize that she can trust him?