Luci’s Lullaby

Luci’s Lullaby by Leaona Luxx

You know that old saying… He’s the next big thing. Yeah, that was me. I was a rising star, and I couldn’t have been happier. Fame, money, women at every turn. I had it all, until the day my world came crashing in. I never fathomed this would be my life. But here I am, a single dad at twenty-eight and I have no clue what I’m doing. I pray every day I’m giving her the best life, ‘cause it’s the only one I know. The minute I had lost everything and had nothing left to give. Charlee showed up. She restored my faith and gave us so much more than I ever deserved. So can you tell me why I’m sitting here alone? Every single day that goes by without them, I lose more of myself. It’s hard to imagine a world they’re not a part of. So I pick up my old guitar and tell them both how I feel. Turns out, lullabies aren’t just for children.