Mailroom Delight by Khardine Gray

Dear Jason, Thank you for your emails. It sounds like you need to get laid, or possibly have a sex marathon. Today’s modern woman doesn’t need to be put in a category to serve men, and I’m sorry if you think my advice lacks heart-warmth, or whatever it was you said. It is what it is. Now maybe you should take a lesson or two from me. It could spice up your love life in the most unimaginable ways. Imagine being with a woman who will rock your world. It’s the difference between a $2 hook up and a mind-blowing experience. I will gladly show you what I mean, so call me if you need clarification on any of the matters discussed. I look forward to meeting you. ~Paige That was the letter I sent my boss when he suggested my advice column needed more heart. That, was the letter he wasn’t supposed to get… Jesus Christ, I was drunk. Wasted, off my face drunk. I didn’t know how in the hell I managed to get myself in these sorts of crazy situations. And… I didn’t know that letter would open up my own personal Pandora’s Box where my heart was in for the ride of its’ life… If you love steamy, sexy romance with a drool-worthy Alpha male you’re gonna love this. Scroll up and one click to start this sizzling hot office romance today!