NORMAL PRICE $9.99 The Boys Are Back in Town Two Friends One Week One Virgin It was all supposed to be about sex A bit of fun No-one mentioned love.... And when nothing is known of her, what will happen when her past returns? And if her secrets are revealed, who will pay? A BDSM Ménage Erotic Romance This Box Set contains the following titles, published individually under the series title 'Mastering the Virgin'. Part One – Friends Part Two – Partners Part Three – Allies Part Four – Comrades Part Five - Rivals Part Six – Lovers Part Seven – Masters Part Eight – Dominants Part Nine – Suitors Part Ten – Penitents Part Eleven – Confidants Part Twelve – Champions Part Thirteen – Triad Part Fourteen – Alphas Part Fifteen – Guardians A Little Extra – Christmas on the Doorstep Part Sixteen – Hunters Part Seventeen – Saviours Part Eighteen – Family Total Approx 450,000 Words