Mick (My Curvy Girl)

Mick (My Curvy Girl) by Nicky Fox

She will be begging naked underneath me very soon. If I have to handcuff her to my bed and show her how hard I want her, I will. She will be mine. I'm a cop. I patrol around her salon and I've been keeping my eye on her. Her luscious curves drive me insane but when her life is in danger, I make it my personal mission to protect her. He thinks he's my hero. This hot cop is nothing but a thorn in my side. His muscles, deep voice, and handcuffs do nothing to me. At least I try and tell myself that. My nether regions think otherwise. I'm not some damsel in distress. Lust is all this is. When everything hits the fan, will he be there like he says he will? The Curvy Girl with some tricks up her sleeve, the obsessed alpha male cop, and a crime to be solved. Will she become his Curvy Girl?