Mountain Men of Liberty by K.C. Crowne

Four deliciously heart pumping mountain men and the lucky ladies who capture their hearts. Transport yourself into the charming and magical small town of Liberty Utah, as we follow the rugged, rowdy hot and possessive mountain men in their quests to find lasting love on the peaks and mounts of Liberty. Book One: Baby for the Mountain Man As I watch the single daddy with his baby... I decide I don't care about the dark rumors of his past. And when this small mountain town reveals it's own hairy secrets... I wonder if Kellen will be the one to save it from destitution. Book Two: Junior for the Mountain Man When Piper walked back into my life... She woke up the beast I had locked away. Now, men with a death wish want to harm. I'll protect her and her baby... And finally show my little sis's best friend... What she's meant to me all these years. Book Three: Knocked Up by the Mountain Man That life changing night with the big, sexy mountain man? Turns out it's more than just a hot hook-up. I was fuming from a review that screamed sabotage. An altercation was on my mind but I got so much more than I bargained... He grabbed me by my waist, moved me against his hot, sculpted chest... And completely dominated my body and soul. Our time together left me with a special gift. A gift I need to protect from the demons of my past. Book Four: Daddy's Best Friend My dad's best friend is a single daddy of twins... And, I'm the only one who can clear his name... I'll prove to the world there's no age restriction when it comes to lust... Or to falling in love. But there's one small problem... I'll need to work up the courage to reveal my secret. How on earth will I tell Jeremiah that his twin girls may soon have a baby to share their daddy with!?! Download your copy, and enjoy this box set today! Content suitable only for adults ages 18 and up.