Ms. Off Limits by Loni Ree

New town, new life, new temptation… Sebastian Mackenzie My family thinks I’ve lost my mind when I pack up and move to Bay Isle, Florida. And honestly, I can’t even explain it myself. I do know that after my two-week vacation, I can’t picture living anywhere else. Something draws me to the area, and I’m going with my instincts. On my first day as principal at the local high school, everything becomes clear when the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen is introduced to me. Things get really complicated, though, because she’s Sadie Nicholson, one of the math teachers who works for me, making her completely off-limits. One look and I know she’s mine. I’m expected to follow many rules, but the hardest one will be fighting my feelings for her. After all, everything in me is shouting to turn her from Ms. Off Limits to Mrs. Mackenzie. You may remember Sebastian Mackenzie from The Sweet Beginnings Series. He’s moved away and found a new home and “the one.” Now, he’s going to fight to keep the woman who’s stolen his heart.