My Enemy’s Daddy by Kelli Callahan

I just made the worst mistake of my life... One night. No names. Those were the rules... Pandora's Box is a club where fantasies come true. I walked in with every intention of meeting someone. But then a very dangerous man decided I was his for the night. Just when it looked like things were about to get out of control, Keaton intervened and saved me. He was the hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on. Like he was chiseled from a dream and brought to life. Big, strong, Ex-SEAL, and his touch set my soul on fire. He whispered his fantasies into my ear. I told him mine. He made me beg. I called him Daddy. Then I found out who he really was... The man that claimed my innocence? The one who literally saved my life? His son was my high school bully. My arch-nemesis. My enemy. The boy who ruined me just so he could laugh at my misfortune. Nobody can ever find out what happened with Keaton...