My Forever Love

My Forever Love by M.D. Stewart

Lisbeth Mohr is a highly trained computer engineer who spent years learning how to read the complex equations for KenSpec Labs. She's part of a research crew that flies over a time distortion. Afterward, she begins to grieve the absence of a man she's never met. After waking up with a tattoo she's never gotten, she asks her boss, Dave Amsted for his help. Stieg Warner is an Academy Award-winning German Actor and Director who's been having dreams of an American woman he's never met. Although he's never met her, he loves her in a way he's never experienced and is obsessed with finding her. But love isn't the only thing that crosses over the time rip. Something evil has set sights on destroying Lisbeth and her crew. This book contains a m/f love so epic, even time can't contain it. **This book contains a bonus MM romance