My Friend’s Sister

My Friend’s Sister by K. M. Bishop

I don’t chase women…they chase me! But, at twenty-two years, there is no reason for me to settle down yet. Plus, there’s so much fun waiting to be explored. I have a mission, And I am fully in control. Until, I get to meet her. Alexa Rae…she is someone special, Stunning, at 5ft 9 inches and curves at all the right places, She captivates my imagination in ways I never knew existed. All I want is to hold her, touch her, and just be with her – forever. But she’s my best friend’s little sister, And he doesn’t want a playboy like me anywhere near her. Even after I have planted my seed inside her, But now there’s nothing pulling us apart. This playboy is now committed to claiming what is his, And this time it’s his family!