NAVY SEAL BOX SET – Black Dawn Books 1-3

NAVY SEAL BOX SET – Black Dawn Books 1-3 by Caitlyn O'Leary

Meet the Men of Black Dawn in this three book box set. They are an Elite Navy SEAL Team who will take your breath away. HER STEADFAST HERO: Captain David Sloane is an Army Captain serving with he Black Dawn SEAL team on the small island of Las Flores. He is thrown a curve ball when the woman he’s never forgotten arrives as a nurse with Doctor Without Borders to help in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. David and his team is intent on stopping the a bunch of escaped prisoners, but he is also determined to grab hold of the second chance that the universe has provided him with Sarah Kyle. Through all the turmoil, will David and Sarah be able to finally make a future for themselves, or will the situation spiral out of control, ending not just their love, but their lives as well? HER DEVOTED HERO: Dex Evans, a Navy SEAL is pranked by his buddies, when they set up a dating profile on-line for him. After politely turning down hundreds of unsolicited e-mails, Dex is awed by a woman who is funny, gorgeous, compassionate, but skittish as hell. Single mother Kenna Wright has spent years putting her child’s needs first, and immediately regrets the e-mail she sent to SailorBoy69. When she ends up working with Dex on a project in person, all of her defenses go up. He can’t seriously be interested in her, can he? Can Dex prove to Kenna that good guys exist? HER PASSIONATE HERO: Navy SEAL Hunter Diaz has scraped and fought his way out of the gangs of East LA to serve honorably as a SEAL in the United States Navy. He has become one of the most dangerous men on the planet. When his adopted grandmother tells him his childhood sweetheart is in trouble back home, he returns to the place he vowed to leave firmly in the past. Aliana Novak spent most of her school years being bullied. Her only refuge, was Hunter Diaz, until the day he graduated and left her to deal with the tormentors herself. Those horrific experiences molded her into what she is today and made her the perfect candidate for Vice Principal of one of the toughest schools in East LA. As she fights for her students to live the best lives they can, she is targeted by one of the most dangerous gangs in the city. Hunter Expects to find the same awkward and fragile girl he once knew, instead he finds a beautiful and strong woman who is willing to risk everything for the children under her care. As Hunter tries to rekindle the deep feelings they once had for one another, Aliana withdraws further into herself. What happened to her while he was gone? Can Hunter break down her walls and prove to her he is still her knight in shining armor before she ends up dead?