New York In Love

New York In Love by J.B. Pettry

She’s doing a favor for her aunt. He’s doing a favor for his uncle. It’s one date and then back to life as usual . . . right? After two years of providing material for her aunt Pearl’s popular relationship column, twenty-one-year-old Violet Monroe decides it’s time for her blind dating career to come to an end. That’s until her persuasive and persistent aunt talks her into accepting one last date with the nephew of an old friend. The only catch is that the date is in New York—Violet lives in Colorado. Having never been to the Big Apple yet always wanting to visit the city, Violet pushes aside her ever-present anxieties and hops on a plane. After all, it’s one date, and she’ll be back home in forty-eight hours. Easy as that. Working alongside his CEO uncle at the family’s media company and one month from graduating with a master’s degree, wildly handsome Sawyer Quinn knows all about hard work and sacrifice. But thanks to his overbearing and controlling mother, freedom is something Sawyer isn’t as well acquainted with—until the day his uncle hands him an opportunity. When the two strangers meet, sparks aren’t the only things flying between them. There’s something deeper—a connection neither one can deny. But when Sawyer’s meddlesome mother interferes, Violet’s anxieties return and threaten to stop what’s blossomed between them.