No Way Home by Christy Cooper-Burnett

"A brilliant and thought-provoking book that readers who love tales of time travel will find fascinating." -Authors Reading Christine Stewart is a regular woman just doing her job when she becomes stranded in history. When she gets up for the day, her plan is simple: wake up and head off to work, traveling back in time to Oklahoma in 1867 to deport a cyber-criminal. After work, it's back to 2070 Los Angeles to prepare for a vacation with her son, Michael. That's the plan. Then the system fails, leaving Christine--and dozens of other transporters around the world--stranded in the past with minimal training and no supplies. What starts as a bad situation only gets worse when she is flung even further away to a place in time where her actions and decisions mean so much more to the world than whether or not she ever makes it home again. As her goals shift from simply getting home to something much more dire to all of humanity, Christine must make the choice between what is easy and what is right. Even if it costs her everything--including her one chance of ever getting home.