No Way Out by Simone Scarlet

Christi They called me Christi with-no-last-name, because ever since I'd started riding with the Knuckleheads, none of these big, burly, dangerous bastards had bothered to find out what it might be. But that suited me just fine - because I was on the run. I'd be their willing little biker slut, and do anything and anyone asked of me, as long as they kept me safe from the dirty cops gunning for my hide. But all that changed when HE showed up. Mason Stone. A tall, brooding badass who seemed so different from the rest of these uncouth, unwashed bikers. I'd spent the last few months burying my emotions, and doing whatever depraved thing I needed to; just to survive. And then Mason came along - and with one kiss, he reminded me what it's like to be alive again. I can never go back to the way things were - not now I've experienced the intensity of his kiss, and the security of his muscular arms. But as it happens, that was never a choice anyway. Because Mason has a secret of his own; and now it's out in the open, it's one that's going to get the both of us killed. Mason They call me "Recon." A former Army Ranger turned eyes and ears for the most dangerous biker gang in Southern California. But there's something the Knuckleheads don't know about me - something that they'd kill me for, if they ever found out who and what they were riding with. And that was a secret I thought I could live with - until I met her. Christi with-no-last-name. To the rest of the Knuckleheads, she's just a pretty little biker slut - to be passed around like a piece of meat. But the moment I looked into her eyes, I saw something different. She was wounded. Scared. But she was also the bravest girl I'd ever met. I broke every personal rule I had when I kissed her - and there was no going back when that kiss led to much, much more. But now she and I have found each other, we might have to get lost all over again. Because Christi's past and my darkest secret are on a collision course - and as far as I can tell, the road we're heading on has No Way Out. No Way Out is a 92,000 word bad-boy motorcycle club romance, with scenes hot enough to melt asphalt, and a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!