Not So Wrong

Not So Wrong by Renee Regent

A billionaire who can’t face his past. An independent woman who has given up on her future. They’re unlikely lovers with nothing in common but a passion for music. Will the perfect song save them, or tear them apart? Spencer Melanie Parker, who sings like an angel gone bad, has taken my heart. My family’s business expectations have always taken priority, but writing our song together has inspired me to stop hiding my musical talent and show the world who I really am. Now we have a shot at making Melanie’s dreams of fame and fortune come true. But my past mistakes have come back to haunt me, and honoring the promise I can’t break means risking everything we’ve built together. She’s given me the spark I thought I’d lost forever. Will love be enough to make her stay? Melanie After years of trying to make it as a singer, it’s time to stop chasing a dream that won’t come true. My family needs me, and soon I’ll be leaving Atlanta for good. But Spencer Colebank is tempting me to stay, with hope the song we wrote together will win us a record deal. We have nothing in common but a passion for music, and a mutual attraction that is getting hotter by the minute. He’s made me believe in myself again, but can I trust him with my heart? The Love Grows Series- Strong, protective heroes. Feisty, independent heroines. When they meet, Love Grows in unexpected ways.