Obsessed with a Daddy by Kelli Callahan

I am absolutely obsessed with my new neighbor. Dr. Everette Weston. He's hot-as-sin with a heart of gold. He might be a little older than man, But I don't care. There's just something about him... Did I mention that I've been spying on him? I knew it was wrong. I was terrified of getting caught. But obsession does strange things to people. My secret had to be exposed eventually... And that's when I found out he had a secret too. He likes to be called Daddy. One night of passion I'll never regret. He took my innocence and so much more. Then I had to leave for college, but I took something with me. There's one more secret that he's going to find out eventually. I'm pregnant with his baby. In nine months, I won't be the only one calling him Daddy. I just have to figure out how to tell him... Kelli's Note: Are you ready to meet Dr. Everette Weston? All of the books in the "Once Upon a Daddy" series are standalone books so feel free to dive in anywhere! They're all totally safe and the HEA is guaranteed. Leave your panties at the door. You won't need them when Daddy gets home because you're going to want to be a bad, bad girl.