Off Limits Daddy by Alexis Winter

The day my wife died—leaving me a single father—I thought the sun would never rise again. Until Brennan showed up to be my little girl’s nanny. First things first: I don’t need a stranger to help me raise my baby girl, let alone a fresh-faced young woman who still looks like a teenager. Second, this town already hates me, so the last thing I need is to get tongues wagging. But hell if she isn’t a walking, talking temptation. The way her jean shorts cling to her curves, accentuating her long, tan legs. The timid smile that peeks out from her plump lips just begging for mine. I knew I shouldn’t. But I did anyway. The moment our lips touched, the way her body molded perfectly to mine, something inside I thought had died years ago came to life. I should have stopped there, but I didn’t. I claimed her. Made her MINE. Knowing full well I’m not her happily ever after. Life has a funny way of not letting me forget I don’t deserve a second chance . . . Her dad shows up with a shotgun, her ex shows up to win her back, and the whole nosy town knows I stole her innocence. She deserves more than this dead-end town. And my baggage. She deserves for me to let her go . . .