Owned by the Hitman

Owned by the Hitman by Alexis Abbott

To be free, she must first be his slave. I know he's trouble. The way he made me scream his name over and over again told me as much. But he's still a monster. A criminal, and something so much worse. So why can't I stop the tingling in my body every time I think of how he touched me? My father made a deal with the mafia, and now I have to pay the price. My only chance for survival is Ivan, the dangerous man I can't get out of my head since our blisteringly hot one-night stand. The cost? My servitude, for one year. What other choice do I have? For the next year, I'm the property of Ivan Dragomirov, Hitman for the Russian Mafia. This novel is a full length romantic suspense novel set in Alexis Abbott's Hitmen Series. It is an inter-connected standalone with no cliffhangers. Explicit language. Safe from cheating.