My guardsmen are my protectors, my defenders . . . my lovers. When I took a DNA test to learn more about my secret ancestry, it turned out that my relatives were from Mulvinia, a small country nestled on the Mediterranean coast of Italy. Over the next three years, I traveled to Mulvinia, met King Matteo, married him, gained the title of Princess Queen, and became a widow when the King died in a car accident. Now, my king is gone, and my stepson, Prince Raymond, who is a year younger than I am, is threatening to steal the throne, and send me back to Nebraska, where I grew up. But my four guardsmen don’t want me to leave. There’s a possibility I could be crowned Queen, and until the official Declaration is read, they will remain by my side. When Prince Raymond threatens my life, my guardsmen whisk me away to a secret villa for my own safety. Once there, they awaken desires in me . . . hot, passionate desires. Sergio, the secret Italian Prince with hungry eyes that burn deep into my soul. Tenchi, the warrior has awakened my inner dragon. Paolo, the charmer, ignites a fire within me that threatens to consume us both. Luca, the feral teddy bear whose touch arouses a need so strong, it leaves me breathless. I want more than their protection. I want pleasure, and they give it willingly. This is a sinfully sexy, full-length, standalone, reverse harem romance.