Power Play by Kennedy Mitchell

Series NOW COMPLETE! Binge the series for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! "An addictive, fast-paced, sexy and suspenseful read." - All Encompassing Books Why settle for being a pawn when you've fought to be the queen. It started with a shady business proposal I should've turned down. Instead, I flip the terms and change my life forever. Everyone thinks I'll fail, but I'll show them what this woman is capable of. Throughout the campaign, I make powerful enemies in Washington, which I expect with my honesty and straightforward approach. It's him I'm not prepared for. Secret Service Agent Trey Benson is arrogant, rude, and, for unknown reasons, absolutely hates me. To make matters worse, we're stuck on the campaign trail together. I want to kiss and strangle him every time we're in the same room. And that damn mischievous smirk of his might be my willpower's undoing. But he's a complication--our undeniable attraction a potential scandal. And scandals destroy careers here in Washington. What they can't discover is he's not my darkest secret. I'll play by their rules to win. After, all bets are off. My name's Randi Sawyer, and I refuse to fail. Power Play is the first book in the five-book Power Play series. Each book cannot be read as a standalone. All five books follow one main couple's relationship as it grows through a five-year time period. It's suspenseful, steamy, and oh so unputdownable. If you're a fan of Tiffany Snow, Meghan March, and Skye Warren then this series is for YOU! *Due to mature content and lots of foul language this book is recommended for 18+.