Power Term by Kennedy Mitchell

Binge the series for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Series NOW COMPLETE! Everything we’ve fought for grinds to a halt with the attack—our future happy-ever-after now a lost hope as I’m abducted from the wreckage. There’s a traitor in our midst who’s working alongside my long-term enemy, eager to destroy it all. He wants me to give up, to hand the life I’ve fought tooth and nail to achieve over to him. If I do, the pain will end, but others will suffer. How much can I take before Trey saves me from the terrible fate they’ve promised if I don’t comply? This is it, the moment where I have to make a choice. Me or the millions who will suffer under the sociopath’s hand if I give him what he wants. I might have been raised poor trailer trash, but that’s not who I am now. My name’s Randi Sawyer, and I’m the president of the United States. I will not bend. I will not break. Power Term is the FINAL book in the five-book Power Play series. Each book cannot be read as a standalone. All five books follow one main couple's relationship as it grows through a five-year time period. It's suspenseful, steamy, and oh so unputdownable. If you're a fan of Willow Winters, Sierra Simone, and Skye Warren then this series is for YOU! *Due to mature content, violence, and lots of foul language this book is recommended for 18+.