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Aces High MC - Cedar Falls (book 2) These books do not have to be read in order! I followed my heart from San Diego, California to Cedar Falls, West Virginia. Too bad that heart wasn’t worth the trip. Thankfully, I had my job, new friends - which consisted of an entire motorcycle club I’d fallen into - and my newfound responsibility for a family that was torn apart by needless tragedy. As luck, fate, or whatever crazy force made such things occur would happen, I had followed my heart straight to Cedar Falls. I just didn’t realize I hadn’t met my heart yet. Once there, I found myself lost in a woman named Gillie-Bean, a boy named Kade, and what was left of the family I’d helped save from the aftermath of a drunk driver. As the former me - Daniel “Gray” Grayson - became “Surfer” in the Aces High MC, I realized my heart had been worth the trip. I was brought here for a reason. For a new family. For her.