Queen of First Dates by Jaimie Case

30 dates in 30 days. Seems like fun right? Yeah, not so much… When my boss asked me to write an article about online dating and more specifically the do’s and don’ts of first dates, I expected it to be a mess. I hadn’t expected it to be a complete and utter disaster, though. How was I to know that I’d be paired up with arrogant, cocky, and “too handsome for his own good,” Nolan Montgomery. Nolan had always treated me as his little sister’s annoying best friend and I couldn’t stand his bossy ways. The last thing I needed was him following me around with a video camera and lecturing me on all the things I was doing wrong. I certainly didn’t need him showing me how I could improve; even if his lips and hands were recurring images in my dreams. He may have been my first kiss, but there was no way I was going to let him get his hands on me again. Queen of First Dates is a Hilarious standalone best friend's brother second chance romance.