Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades by Abby James

Wanted by the Seven Hunted by a powerful sorcerer To keep Fed and mum safe, I’m forced to work for two shysters, who’d sell my ass for a quarter. And my only power is the ability to detect it in others. Hardly enough to stand up to the forces trickling through from the veiled realm and the three hunky paranormals that are on my tail. Could life get any suckier? Yes it could… I’m accused of seam breaches. A hot retriever has arrived to take me back to Astral Solar to stand trial. A sexy sorcerer wants to make me pay for something I didn’t know I did, and the hunky skinwalker lurking around my apartment knows way too much personal information. I need my pack of cards, and a glimpse of the future. But I sense something else brewing, which threatens more than the lives of those I love. It’s dark and dangerous and seductively alluring… I may not have much in the way of powers, but I have guts and determination.