Richie’s Promise by Sandra R Neeley

Richie made a break from a Pride and Alpha that were both abusive and dangerous. He’s had time to overcome the insecurities and damage done during his youth. Now he’s found a new Pride, a new home, a new Alpha, and he’s flourishing. But he’s never forgotten the young girl that he knew as a child. The girl that even then, he knew was meant to be his. She was sent away, along with Richie’s mother for their protection from his former Alpha — his father — and Richie hasn’t seen them since. He keeps up with her through his mother. She’s happily married, and all Richie can do is wish her well. But an early morning phone call from his mother has him dropping everything in a rush to bring them both back into his world, and the safety and security his new Pride provides. His mother is ready and willing, but will his childhood friend — his mate — accept his offer to come along? Or will he have to throw her over his shoulder and carry her away in the night? Yvette lost both her parents when she was a young child. Her former Alpha murdered them. She is alive today only because she was fortunate enough to be spirited away with her true mate’s mother for their own safety. Constance raised Yvette as her own, knowing that one day her son, Yvette’s true mate, would come for them both. But Yvette grew tired of waiting. A man with pretty words and flashy possessions caught her eye, and now she’s at his mercy — a virtue he doesn’t have much of. She lays in the bed she made because the man she chose as husband threatens Constance’s safety, if she ever leaves him. She’s lost so much of herself she doubts she’d be able to adapt to a life outside abuse, anyway. Little does she know, Constance has already called in reinforcements. Her mate is on his way, and he doesn’t give a damn what came before him. He’s coming for what’s his and won’t take no for an answer.