Rocking His Fake World by Alexis Winter

My band just signed a major record deal that has me touring the world, and I just met the love of my life…Fate is a bitch. So while I should be celebrating, all I can think about is how this is it. This is our end… This thing with Daniel started hot, heavy and FAKE. I invited him to my rock show the day I met him, He pretended to be my boyfriend to rescue me—and I ended up in his bed. Night after passionate night we found ourselves drawn together. Our love was a fiery passion so intense it was only a matter of time before it consumed us. But he’s more than just an addiction, he’s the air I breath. We’ve had a deal all along—when I leave on tour, whatever we have ends. He wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for me and I wouldn’t be selfish by asking him to give up his life to follow me. So this is it. This is the moment when we have to say goodbye and mean it. There’s no more we have to stop doing this while knowing we’ll find our way back in each other’s arms. All I want to do is take his hand and tell him to push all our problems away, to worry about them another day, but I know that we can’t fake it forever. Would I take it all back? All the stolen kisses? All the heated moments between the sheets? Even if it meant I could get the smallest bit of reprieve from this pain, I’d do it all over again because he’s worth every second of this heartbreak. There’s a lot to risk when you decide to fake it with someone. Pretending that the present is enough, pretending I’m not falling in love. Pretending I’m not going to shatter my own heart when I have to walk away…