Rough Road by Maggie Carpenter

He's the kind of man she shouldn't want... and can't stay away from. Portia Perry should never have let herself fall for a man like Dakota King. He's not just a tough, dirty, rough-riding bad boy, he's a brute who never hesitates to spank her hard and ravage her even harder. He's also the head of a local biker club, and that means he has his share of enemies. Staying away from Dakota is easier said than done, and when he asks for her help figuring out who is stealing from him it is only a matter of time before Portia ends up well-used, sore, and screaming his name as she begs for more. But can her big, bad biker find a way to tame Portia's most reckless impulses before her determination to uncover the truth gets her in over her head? Publisher's Note: Rough Road includes sexual scenes and spankings.If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.