Rule Breakers, Soul Takers

Rule Breakers, Soul Takers by Jacqueline Jayne

Prudence Luckett desired only two things out of life – to rescue lost souls from Hell’s First Ring and to hook up with uber-sexy Jesse Thorne. She got neither. Jesse wants nothing to do with the Chancellor’s daughter and her father prevents her career advancement to Soul Saver. But she believes tenacity and patience pay off. Eventually. And eventually arrives sooner than she imagined. Jesse’s partner mysteriously takes a powder. No longer trusted by the other Soul Savers, he’s demoted until he can obtain a new partner. In steps Prudence with an offer neither the Council nor Jesse can turn down. As constant partners, their tentative friendship ignites into mutual passion. But one weak moment proves they can never give into temptation. She sweats holy water that burns demons to ash. He’s been cursed with a demon stain. Her kisses burn yet he can’t bear the thought of turning her away. Fueled by an ancient prophecy, they defy the Society and search for Heaven’s secret door located in Hell. Their quest leads to the thin barrier between afterworlds and the narrow line between hero and man. Can sacrifice fulfill the prophecy? Can love break a curse forged by Hell?