Ryder: A Motorcycle Club Romance

Ryder: A Motorcycle Club Romance by Melissa Devenport

His jet black hair and haunted dark eyes make him irresistible to Laura. Ryder realizes that the biker club life is a dead end street. It’s getting more brutal by the day. But leaving is not an option. At least not alive. His chiseled masculine features and powerful body tell the story of a man who suppresses fear, banishes pain and somehow survives. His looks are close to perfection and he wears his scars as ornaments. When Laura’s wide, shimmering eyes meet his for the first time, is when he knows there’s still more to life. He can’t forget that first kiss with Laura. He needs one more touch of her silky skin. Her raven black hair and glorious curves are tattooed on his brain. In his dreams, the heat of her body melts his heart again and again. A window of opportunity presents itself when the MC’s prez is brutally murdered. But it won’t be easy. He packs his bike and takes off to Philadelphia where he has unfinished business. She can’t get him out of her mind. He was so much harder than anything she’d ever touched. So dangerous and beautiful. But the broken soul and empty eyes almost ruins the handsome exterior that genetics has blessed him with. She wants to help him. He’s getting ready for the fight that will end all fights.