Rygael’s Reward by Rayna Tyler

Only through compassion and understanding can they hope to share a future. The war on Ketaurrios took so much from the people Harper cared about, but nowhere near what it stole from the orphans under her care, or from Rygael, the cave-dwelling male who risked his life to save one of her children from slavers. He might think his beautiful white scales make him different, less than worthy of being around other people, but Harper is not about to let it stop her from putting an end to his solitary existence. Rygael knows what it’s like to face ridicule and rejection. Even before the war, there were those of his kind unwilling to accept his differences. Harper is the most compassionate female he has ever met and the first to see past the color of his scales. She might not possess any fighting abilities, but she is fierce and has the determination of a warrior. Not to mention the most alluring green eyes, a scent that makes his tail twitch, and can only belong to his mate. She is the future he’s always dreamed of, but can never hope to attain.