Say Yes: Jack

Say Yes: Jack by Amelia Mae

Nikki: Jack has explained his aversion to relationships about a million times to everyone. To me. To the guys in the band. Even to his mom, who gets kind of sad that he denounces monogamy so easily. He claims that no matter how intensely he might feel for a girl, he’ll eventually get bored of her. He’s also explained to me, multiple times, that I’m the only woman he’s ever been able to stand more than a few days with. Because we’re friends. Just friends. I finish my beer quickly and lie back down, wrapping one arm around Jack’s waist and letting my head settle into him. I feel his chest rise and fall with his breath. I revel in the familiar warmth. I fight the terrible urge to climb on top of him and suck the lips off his face. Fuck, I’ve got weeks left stuck on this fucking tour bus with my 'just friend,' the hot, insatiable manwhore Jack Cordero. Kill me now. Jack: I lie back on the couch and turn off the TV. No use pretending to watch it anymore. I should go to bed, but as usual, my mind won’t quiet down. I feel cold without Nikki on top of me. And I miss the way she smells. Maybe I should break this self-imposed dry spell I’ve been in since Christian demanded that Nikki join us on tour to babysit. It’s not that I can’t hook up with a girl while Nikki’s on tour. I mean, she knows I sleep around. It’s just… Nikki’s my best friend. Nikki is one of the few people in my life that really expects something of me. And she doesn’t see me as some guitar god or her older brother’s friend or anything like that. She’s the only one who really gets me. Who’s figured out how to talk to me. I’d lay down my own life before I’d hurt her. But I’m still going to fuck myself thinking about her ass in those shorts.