PREVIEW A birthday vacation. A cheating boyfriend. A betrayal by a best friend. Stranded in a Foreign Land An unexpected windfall in the form of a big, fat bonus comes right on time for twenty-nine year-old Laura Hallaway. Her relationship with her boyfriend of three years is on the rocks, and she believes this is just the ticket to get it back on track. As she, her best friend, and her boyfriend board the plane from New York’s JFK airport to Palermo, Italy, Laura has no idea that that would be the only part of her trip that would go according to plan. *** Betrayed and stranded in a foreign land, she lands in the clutches of Alessandro de Luca, a wealthy Italian in need of a bride to attain his inheritance. He decides that Laura fits the bill perfectly, and makes her an offer she categorically rejects. Dangerously sexy, disgustingly wealthy, and doggedly determined, Laura went through a range of emotions dealing with the unpredictable Sicilian. Her first instinct was to ignore him. Her second was to fear him. Her third was ... to become his bride. Everything about their relationship is fake, except the very real passion that erupts between. Their desire burns hot; every touch igniting a flame that threatens to consume them. Becoming the wealthy Sicilian’s bride would forever change the trajectory of Laura’s life, and set fire to the love in her heart. A fire that only he could control. And one she had no desire to, especially after she was ... Seduced by the Sicilian.