Setback by Edita A. Petrick

He wants her dead. She’s determined to stop his killing spree. An ancient locket mentally connects them in a symbiotic battle. With the help of a CIA operative, can she stop a contract killer before he completes his mission or the mental strain destroys her? Dr. Amelia Rimgold is a young research chemist about to testify in a generic drug fraud. Descended from a Salem resident hung as a witch, she believes her locket, like an amulet, has powers to keep her safe. Her beliefs are put to the test when a contract killer attacks her and takes the locket. While she survives the attack, she finds herself bound to the killer through the paranormal amulet. She can see his thoughts and actions, but also experiences sympathetic rages. CIA operative Ted Bester doesn’t believe in things he can’t explain, but when the chemist demonstrates her abilities, he’s convinced. Now he must keep her safe, find the killer, and help her break the connection between them before it’s too late.