Sex Says by Max Monroe

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of TAPPING THE BILLIONAIRE comes a new standalone romantic comedy. What happens when the one guy you want to avoid the most, is unavoidable? Lola Sexton is the writer behind Sex Says, a successful relationship column at the San Francisco Times. She’s a pro at advising others on their love lives, but if there’s one thing she isn’t in the market for, it’s love. Reed Luca is a wanderer and a jack of all trades. He doesn’t believe happiness comes from a nine to five job, or that success is delivered through a paycheck. But opportunity often finds its way to those who aren’t looking. When Reed signs up to write an anti-Sex Says relationship column, the result is all out war. Sex Says: If you let guys walk all over you, you could end up smelling like feet. Reed This: Don’t try to change who you are. There’s someone out there for everyone. Take someone with a foot fetish falling in love with someone who smells like feet as an example. Sex Says: Appreciate what you’re given. Reed This: Don’t like what you’re given? Fight for what you want. Sex Says: Don't ever date a guy named Reed Luca. Reed This: Find a woman like Lola Sexton and find her quick. She's a unicorn. Lola hates Reed. Really, she does. It’s just too bad the guy is so likable.