What could be better than falling into bed with a seriously hot guy? Waking up sandwiched between three of them. It started with an article - the most important one of my life. It ended with me in bed... with three ripped, beautiful men. A trio of gorgeous best friends, who shared absolutely everything. There was Adam, the shredded blond Adonis, hellbent on saving his father's construction company. Dante, the dark-haired pretty boy, with heart-stopping good looks and a devilish smile. Finally, Trey. Six-foot five, with shoulders that stretched on forever. A three-letter athlete with an engineering degree from Cornell, hiding his own twisted secret from the world. I never meant to get attached to them. They weren't supposed to fall for me. We got caught up in the chemistry; a dripping hot whirlwind of twos and threes and fours. And me, caught in the eye of the whole wicked hurricane. Torn between the sanity of normalcy, and the forbidden heat of my deepest, darkest desires.