Straight Through the Heart by Jessica Gleave

Love wasn’t part of the mission. For the last hundred years, Morgana Van Wilden has worked alone. Half-human, half-vampire—a Dhampir. She is one of The Council of Order’s top agents. Recently, The Council received reports of mysterious killings in the small town of Oak Wood Hills. This development forces The Council to reunite Morgana with two of their other best agents—her parents. Along the way, the family encounters two mysterious local Daywalkers, Gareth and Alastor. Could they be the vampires attacking the humans in the woods? Complicating matters, Morgana finds Gareth alluring, sending the family of vampire agents down a more dangerous path to find their target and uncover the truth behind the motivation of the attacking vampires. Meanwhile, Gareth Lloyd isn’t about to let the new vampire family in town ruin the life he and his best friend, Alastor, have built for themselves in Oak Wood Hills. He can’t help but sense there’s something strange about the Van Wilden girl. But he struggles to get close enough to uncover her secret. Refusing to heed the warnings of a former tragedy he fights to keep buried in his past, he is drawn to Morgana, putting himself, Alastor, and possibly others, in grave danger. Straight Through the Heart is the first book in The Van Wilden Chronicles. Not your average vampire family. They spy, they fight and above all, they love.