Stray by River Ramsey

Lions, tigers and jaguars are just the beginning of Ella’s problems… As an unremarkable stray left out on the streets, Ella thought she’d finally found a family in the Hill pride. Instead, she found herself living as a glorified maid, serving the future King of the colony himself. Axel is rude and careless at best. At worst? He’s downright cruel, and he seems to take personal delight in reminding Ella that she’ll never belong. Too bad her heart never got the memo. Axel and his perfect girlfriend are all but destined to rule the colony, but when the Unveiling comes around, it’s Ella who’s chosen as the next Empress by the moon itself. And the claws are out. Now every tom in the colony is vying for Ella’s attention, including bad boy Axel, the current Empress’ gorgeous son Bishop, and a mysterious Academy professor named Sterling whose ice blue eyes are every bit as dangerous as his caustic wit. Choosing between the three of them is hard enough, but an inconvenient heat has other ideas. Ella’s sure she’s living her own Cinderella story. She’s just not sure if she’s the princess or the mouse. Stray is a ~40,000 word Cinderella retelling with a smart and snarky shifter twist. It includes an enemies-to-lovers pairing, a university-age student having a relationship with her professor, and in true RH fashion, she’ll have all her guys by the end of the series.