Taking What Is Mine

Taking What Is Mine by Abby Brooks, Will Wright

The last time I cared for a woman, life got in the way. Now I live for my work and that'll have to do. I know who I am and what I want. It's a tall order. One most women could never fill. So much for love. And then Christy Harris walked into my life. My experience with men can be summed up in one word. Awful. From an absent father to an abusive boyfriend, willing to chase me across the country to maintain control of my life. As a newcomer in a small town, I'm more isolated than ever. Just the way he wants it. So much for happiness. And then Chet Wilde walked into my life. The moment I laid eyes on her I knew she was different. The moment I saw him I knew he was special. I live my life by a few simple rules and respecting a woman is number one. Seeing Christy in distress, I had to do something. Life taught me men don't respect women, they use them. Seeing Chet stand strong-for me-has me questioning everything I thought I knew. There's no denying the spark between us. We're meant to be together. Can he really be who he seems? Is he offering protection, or control?