Talia by M.D. Stewart

Talia Caomhanach is the highest-ranked female on her home planet of Otron. After two attacks against her people on Earth, she agrees to meet with the liaison of the American Military over the Exchange House Program. Knowing Elio is her mate, as an Elite it's something that is forbidden for her, Talia struggles with hiding her feelings for the human. General Elio Vargas grew up in a military household and has made the Air Force his career, but he's not happy that he's going to be stuck in a house with the sexy Head of the Otronian High Council to learn about her people. He was burned once when his wife left him, so he fights his feelings behind walls he's spent years building. The couple hides their attraction behind anger and fear until they can no longer fight the pull of their desire. But treachery on Otron leads to murders on a distant planet, possibly sinking Talia's peaceful homeworld into war. Can Talia and Elio find a way to survive their forbidden love and save her world? This book contains aliens we've never met before as the humans' Universe expands, true love, old friends, and of course a HEA.