The Duke of Diamonds by Emily Windsor

A lady intent on deception… A duke who knows every trick in the book… A passionate obsession with fiery consequences. With a coldness to match the diamonds that adorn his cravat, Casper Brook, the eighth Duke of Rothwell, possesses all a nobleman could desire…almost. So when a seductive minx perches upon his desk and claims to know the whereabouts of his one deepest obsession, temptation beckons to uncover all her secrets. With a boldness to match the red-flame of her hair, Miss Evelyn Pearce possesses naught but an ailing young sister and an ebony-black cat…almost. Her plan to deceive a duke of ruthless reputation is audacious, but in true society, weren't all dukes braying and buffle-headed with jovial smiles and far too many acres? Plots unravel, guises fall, passion flares and deceiving the flawless Duke of Diamonds has sparkling consequences… Sensual romance with warmth and wit.