Edythe Jamison, a young debutante of the 1920s, has been pining for Henry Barton Jr. ever since he rescued her from embarrassment. But her thoughts of him are just a fantasy. She's convinced that he would never be interested in a girl like her. Henry, a newly licensed attorney, is not ready to settle down with any girl just yet. But his wants are quickly put on hold the day he is found alone in a room in a very compromising position with Edythe Jamison. Much to his consternation, he is joined in a shot-gun wedding to Edythe. Edythe desires a loving romantic marriage, but Henry demands a marriage of convenience and separation. But when Edythe decides to remove herself from under Henry’s thumb, Henry quickly realizes that Edythe is the woman that he always wanted. If Henry can get over his inflaming jealousy that erupts over his beautiful wife, and convince her he wants a real marriage, things will be fine…he hopes. There is the pesky issue of his family’s dark secret that complicates his life all the more, and threatens to rip the two apart.