The Last Heist

The Last Heist by Samantha Keith

After decades of stealing, Milo Baxter is finally free and making an honest living. But no amount of hard-work can break the chains that bind him to Serena Metcalf. Time might have passed, but when she shows up in his bar, he knows he’s never stopped loving her—even if he forced her out of his life twice. After being raised a criminal, Serena never dreamed she’d climb to the top of San Diego’s number one real estate agency. But when a car accident results in a life-or-death chase through the city, she flees to Milo’s bar for safety. Their past blows up in her face, but before she can leave, she gets a devastating call. Her sister’s been kidnapped. Milo’s the only one who can help her with one last job—lifting diamonds from her new potential client for her sister’s ransom. The clock is ticking, and Serena isn’t the only one with something to lose. They both could lose their hearts, but first they must fight not to lose their lives.