The Pretending Plot by Lauren Blakely

A delicious and all new reimagining of Lauren Blakely's original fake fiancé romance! I don't mean to just blurt it out. "Why, yes I'm engaged!" But once I say it to a potential client, there's only one logical thing to do -- cast the role of my fake fiancé. Easy enough. As a casting director, my job is to find the most talented players for every part, so I choose dreamy, edgy, sexy, sarcastic Reeve.And I sign him up for one week in the role of mine. It's not as if I'll fall for him in five nights even if we get a little cozy one night at theater. It's not as if I'll want more even after a scorching afternoon in the stacks of the New York Public Library. 

I can't let myself fall because on Friday at midnight the curtain drops on our fake romance . . .
 The Pretending Plot is a reimagining of the 2013 story Pretending He's Mine (no longer available for sale). The Pretending Plot has been rewritten in first person and expanded from a novella to novel length! In this swoony, new reboot of the contemporary romance series, "Caught in Love," dive into four interconnected standalones that will make your heart happy, starting with The Pretending Plot, Lauren Blakely's original fake fiancé romance! 1: The Pretending Plot (previously called Pretending He’s Mine) 2: The Dating Proposal 3: The Second Chance Plan (previously called Caught Up In Us) 4: The Private Rehearsal (previously called Playing With Her Heart)