The Secrets We Keep by Ella Jade

You know the saying, It's too good to be true? He was too good to be true... Kara My husband left me. Our life was perfect or so I thought. We adopted a gorgeous little girl. Our very own miracle. After my divorce, I meet an intriguing stranger. Rich, powerful, sexy, and determined. He’s wonderful to my daughter. He treats her like she’s his own. I find myself in a fairytale. Every story has something dark lurking at the surface. Xavier has a secret. Xavier My late ex-girlfriend kept a secret from me. She had our child but gave her up for adoption. Four years later, I’ve uncovered the truth. The woman raising my daughter is beautiful, loving, and intelligent. Any man would be lucky to have her. And then there is my child. The love I didn’t know existed. I don’t know how to disrupt their world and tell them who I am. I insert myself into their lives instead, hoping to get what I want. I’ve fallen for Kara but our beginning is built on a lie. That’s my fault. How can I tell her who I am, without losing her? Without losing them?