The Unstoppable Patriot by Jennifer Youngblood

A man desperate to reconstruct the pieces of his past, the small-town girl who wants him back, and the long-kept secret that could destroy everything. Superstar running back Landry Chase is at the top of his game with a bright future ahead of him. Then, in the blink of an eye, everything changes. He wakes up in a hospital bed, only to learn that he has amnesia and has lost the past six years of his life. To make matters worse, he realizes that he’s no longer with Daphne, the love of his life, and no one will tell him why the two of them broke up. Desperate to win Daphne back, Landry tries to reconcile the larger-than-life persona he was prior to the accident with the man he is now. He suspects that his loved ones are keeping secrets from him—secrets that have shaped his past and made him the man he is today. Daphne Seagate Jackson never thought she’d get a second chance with Landry. Being with him again is like getting a taste of heaven, but what happens when Landry remembers the truth? As Daphne and Landry grow closer, Daphne begins to fear that not even amnesia can shield them from the wounds of the past. Enjoy all the books in Jennifer's Georgia Patriots Romance Series. Here's the order: The Hot Headed Patriot The Twelfth Hour Patriot The Unstoppable Patriot The Exiled Patriot is coming soon!