Torch by Roxie Noir

I lost her once. I can't lose her again. I fight wildfires. It’s dirty, sweaty, and dangerous, but there’s nothing else like it. There’s no adrenaline boost like a hundred-foot wall of flame. There’s no victory better than saving a town. Particularly when the town you save is your ex-girlfriend’s. Clementine’s that ex. The one I haven’t seen in eight years. The one I thought I was going to marry. We were over a long time ago, and there was a good reason why. There were a hundred good reasons, and I know every single one by heart. Or at least, I thought I did. The more time I spend with Clementine, the harder they are to recall. She’s still hotter than any fire I’ve ever fought. Still the same feisty, whip-smart, headstrong girl I fell for. When we’re together, it feels like eight years may as well have been eight minutes. I already know how this story ends: we go down in flames. Crash and burn. But I’ve never loved anyone like I loved Clementine. Not even close. Maybe some fires are worth rekindling. Torch is a steamy standalone romance!