True to You by Jodi Watters

First came love. Then came hate. Olivia Quinn wasn’t looking for love. Climbing the corporate ladder at Coleson Creek Winery filled her days, and HGTV and chardonnay filled her nights. Hooking up with the heir to that winery seemed a bad idea for her heart, and her employment status. But even a maxed-out Visa couldn’t make her refuse a weekend one-night-stand with a soldier who wore rugged and handsome like a tailored suit, and danger like a second skin. A weekend, that led to a promise of a lifetime. Or so she thought. Asher Coleson is former Special Ops and 100% alpha. The sole heir to a winery he wants jack shit to do with, he’s the strong, silent type, hardened not by the military, but by the aching absence of his one true love. Underneath his aloof attitude and sinewy muscle—all six and a half feet of him—lies a man so loyal to his beloved Olivia, he’s living half a life. And that half doesn’t include sex. He’s a bit... backed up. And not happy about it, either. These days, getting lucky means only one thing. Getting his wife back.