You have a date this Valentine's Day with a Barbarian. Abby has just broken up with her boyfriend of two years after finding out he was cheating on her. She needs a girls weekend with her best friends. They decide to take a trip to a National Park for wine tasting, spa time, and some hiking. There, in one of the caves they spot a strange light. When they go to investigate, they're all sucked into a portal. Abby is transported to a strange alien world where vibrant colorful plants thrive and a red barbaric man with kind eyes treats her like a princess. She doesn't know where her friends are or how to find the portal to take her home. That's not all. The barbarian that's claimed her as his, is the chief of the village. There's tension between him and his tribe because of her as well as another adjoining clan. Danger is at every turn and all Abby wants is to run into the arms of her barbarian. But when the opportunity presents itself for her to return to her world, will she take it?