Waiting for Summer by G. G. Lourie

Tanya Morgan had her heart set on one man, Mick Leighton—then one September night changed everything. Now she’s keeping a secret and hiding the anguish it churns behind a mask of false bravado. Living a lie isn’t easy but neither is swallowing her pride and revealing the truth. Besides, it won’t change the past, or the future she thought fate had in store for them. His loss…becomes her mantra that carries her through each day, and escaping the heartbreak by way of hard work ensures blessed oblivion through the night. Eight summers later, when the pressure of maintaining a charade finally opens a crack in Tanya’s resolve, Mick is quick to see a glimmer of the truth shining through. A broken man with nothing to lose, his relentless pursuit of a second chance leaves Tanya nowhere to run and no place to hide.